Roll Off Construction Dumpsters

Ryken, (formerly Revo Asset Management)

Protect Roll Off Construction Dumpsters with Asset Trackers

Depending on size and model, the retail cost of a roll off dumpster can range between $8,000-$12,000 and higher. Currently, raw material shortages and supply chain constraints for manufacturers make ordering a new one a lengthy process.

Construction dumpsters are essential to just about any job site. They are left at the site for days or weeks at a time, and moved only when filled, then returned to the site for refilling. Because they are meant to be moved easily with the proper truck or equipment, they are a high-value target for thieves.

Dumpster theft has become a high-cost headache for construction companies across the country and are much more common than even industry insiders would think.

Theft and vandalism prevention on a construction site is expensive, but has become the cost of doing business. Expenses for guards, fences, lighting, and dogs come right off the bottom line, but Revo Asset Management has developed another layer of protection that is reliable, cost-effective, and, importantly, has no recurring monthly fees.

Revo Asset Management solutions provides rugged, wireless asset tracking technology and software that allows users to effortlessly protect their assets. Tasks like setting up geofence alerts and asset locations are accomplished easily from a highly intuitive user-friendly application.

Advanced battery technology coupled with sophisticated state-of-the-art software provides wireless connectivity for thousands of events. The platform allows for:

• Location intelligence
• Geofence notifications
• Rapid recovery data and tool
• Facilitating audits and inventory management
• Ease of use with NO monthly fees

Integrating Revo Asset Management technology into security plans can save time, money, and offer users peace of mind. It’s an affordable solution that can help prevent theft, loss, and damage.

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Michelle Jackson - Vice President of Sales - Revo Asset Managment

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