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Next Generation 3.0 Battery Technology Now Powers Revo Asset Management Self-Powered Asset Trackers

Wireless Revo 3.0 asset trackers — smaller, stronger and water-resistant.

IRVINE, Calif., August 30, 2022Revo Asset Management, an innovative IoT company at the forefront of asset-management technology that combines powerful, wired and wireless GPS hardware with sophisticated, smart software to monitor and track any valuable asset; introduces the next generation of 3.0 smart battery-powered asset tracking portfolio designed with a water-resistant, smaller, stronger, more durable hardware unit.

Asset-tracking visibility solutions are a large and rapidly growing market projected to reach $6.7 billion by 2028. In North America, the market is driven mainly by strong demand from the manufacturing, construction and transportation and logistics industries. Asset-management systems help companies monitor asset usage, reduce theft and loss, improve asset deployments and more.

Revo Asset Management enables organizations to monitor and track any valuable asset, powered or unpowered, via an easy-to-use, asset-protection platform, no contracts, no monthly fees. Business owners understand profits evaporate when valuable assets are stolen, lost, or mishandled. The Revo platform monitors asset location and tracks them when on the move. Real-time, geo-fence notifications alert owners to unauthorized movements.

“You can use the same telematics technology that tracks powered assets to keep track of valuable unpowered assets too,” said Brian Tate, Director of Product Management for Revo Asset Management. “Revo 3.0 is more compact, stronger, and water resistant making them perfect for construction, powersports and nearly any high-stakes powered or unpowered asset an organization wants to protect.”

Integrating the most advanced IoT technology and intelligence, Revo 3.0 delivers enhanced performance and reliability. Revo’s new 3.0 wireless asset trackers are IP67 rated and designed to resist water and dust. They provide organizations with tremendous flexibility for monitoring and managing valuable assets under harsh environments. The activation process has also been streamlined and made easier.

Revo Asset Management’s wireless 3.0 portfolio includes:

Revo 3.0 technology includes:

  • 3.0 Smart Battery Management Toolkit – Extends battery life
  • Smaller, Sleeker unit
  • IP67 Water and Dust Resistant
  • Easier Activation Process

The adoption of asset protection solutions has grown across more industries as advancements in battery, cellular and smart mobile technology has improved

First to market with a line of wireless, battery-powered GPS devices in early 2019, Revo has amassed and aggregated data from tens of thousands of deployments and hundreds of millions of device interactions. This data analysis combined with real-world client experiences and suggestions has resulted in continuous improvements in hardware and software technology.

About Revo Asset Management

Revo Asset Management is an innovative IoT company at the forefront of asset-management technology. The firm leverages extensive, decades-long experience in connected sensor technology. Its powerful hardware/software platform provides its clients with low-cost, asset management solutions to protect expensive, hard-to-replace assets: vehicles, heavy or light equipment, trailers, tools, portable structures, powersport equipment.

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