Construction Site Thefts

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Construction Site Thefts Warrant Multi-Pronged Effort to Thwart

The most recently released statistics from the National Insurance Crime Bureau and the National Equipment Register revealed the cost of construction site theft to be between $300m and $1b annually. Did you know that less than 25% of stolen items are recovered? In recent years, it’s gotten worse. Prime targets are plastics, metals like copper and aluminum, and construction equipment like Bobcats and generators. The best defense to prevent construction site theft is a multi-layered approach to security.

5-Tips to Secure Property

  1. Add Asset-Management Software: It’s important to keep a complete inventory of all deliveries, equipment and material usage and movement. By adding an asset management solution, you can automate this process. Most asset management solutions provide real-time visibility of all unpowered and powered equipment, materials, and other valuable assets. Smart geofence technology sends notifications via text or email when “tracked” assets leave or even enter the job site.
  2. Keep Site Well-Lit: Install temporary lights around the job site perimeter and interior, whenever possible, as theft deterrent. In conjunction with lighting, consider installation of cameras, to assist with identifying thieves and assets recovery.
  3. Install Fencing: Adding a chain link fencing allows more visibility from outside the site. Fences should be eight feet high, if possible, and “no trespassing” signs should be prominently displayed.
  4. Lock-Up Valuables: For assets that can be locked up, such as tools, secure them in shipping containers or temporary structures whenever possible. Lock away as much valuable equipment as you can. In addition to safeguarding them from theft, this also helps to prevent vandalism.
  5. Hire Security Professionals: Vigilant security workers protect your assets by patrolling the site and confronting intruders. Having guards or guard dogs on site, is costly, but when protecting very valuable property, it may be a necessity.

Hassel-Free, Proven Asset Protection

Integrating smart asset management technology into your security plans can save you time and money. Revo Asset Management keeps your assets connected and protected. Revo’s software makes it easy to audit and document inventory as well as monitor and track asset location in real-time. It’s an advanced tool that helps prevent theft, loss, and damage.

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