Powered Asset Tracker

Monitor and protect valuable assets in real-time

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Powered Asset Tracker

Ryken’s powered asset trackers provide companies with a reliable, low-cost device that enables business owners to monitor powered assets and equipment with onboard AC or battery power. Asset managers can utilize our industrial-grade, asset-tracking device to gain real-time location intelligence and status of mission-critical, powered assets.

Who Needs Our Powered Devices?

Ryken’s powered asset trackers benefit fleet and operations manager managing small vehicle fleets and powered equipment. Other use cases include construction equipment like forklifts and bobcats, golf carts, power sports equipment like motorcycles and personal watercraft, and temporary lighting booms, traffic information signs, and more.

No Monthly Fees, No Contracts

Like the self-powered asset-tracking hardware, there are no contracts or monthly fees with the Ryken, making it unique in the marketplace. Ryken’s platform dramatically changes how businesses think about the costs associated with protecting assets. This means long-term product support without recurring fees that change the calculus when determining what and when to protect your assets.

Delivers real-time visibility and complete control of your valuable, powered assets.


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Features & Benefits

  • Real-Time Location Intelligence
  • Movement Notifications
  • Internal Backup Battery Included
  • Low Power Consumption 
  • Asset-Tracking Reports
  • Full Visibility Using Any Mobile Device
  • Enterprise Carrier Grade Data Security

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