Ryken’s flexible technology can be shaped to fit your specific asset needs.The software is designed to streamline managing and monitoring your powered and self-powered equipment with one simple mobile solution. With Ryken, you can manage all types of assets — fixed and mobile, large and small. The asset tracking software gives you full visibility and complete control of your assets at your fingertips whether you’re at work, out-in-the-field or home.

Ryken’s cloud-based asset-tracking software combined with powerful GPS technology provides you:

Asset Security - Cloudbase - Ryken GPS

Improved Asset Security

Centralized Monitoring - Asset Protection - Ryken GPS


 Location Info Anytime, Any Place

Lower Operational Costs - Ryken GPS

Lowered Operational Expenses

Ryken’s software can track virtually anything and is highly configurable to the way you currently manage your equipment. It’s also a cost-effective, cloud-based solution with an intuitive interface to help you assess issues and respond quickly:

Audit Inventory - Ryken GPS

In addition to easily locating lost or misplaced assets, Ryken enables businesses to proactively monitor inventory and audit fixed and mobile assets in remote places. This also allows customers to set custom triggers to save time and empower people with information.

Software Map Page - Ryken GPS

Receiving instant notifications on asset-related events allows you to be better assess and respond quickly. Ryken allows you to set custom alerts to save time and protect your bottom line.

Geofence - Software - Ryken GPS


Ryken’s proprietary “Turbo Track” feature has enhanced monitoring capabilities that accelerates asset recovery. When activated, Turbo Track provides location intelligence every 2 minutes when asset is in motion, greatly enhancing asset location and recovery. This advanced location intelligence gives you and/or law enforcement all the information needed to facilitate a safe, quick, and efficient recovery.

Recovery Feature - Software - Ryken GPS

The software platform includes a robust reporting suite that holds downloadable, convenient information that can help manage your assets and device portfolio:

Canned & Custom Asset Reports - Ryken GPS

Ryken keeps you connected to high-valued assets 24/7/365. Use our mobile monitoring app to stay connected on-the-go:

Mobile Monitoring - Mobile App - Ryken GPS

Full visibility and fingertip control of your assets via our user-friendly platform.

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