Self-Powered Trackers

Designed to protect unpowered static and portable assets!

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Self-Powered Trackers

Our engineers were first-to-market in early 2019 with a family of self-powered asset trackers. Since then, we have released the third generation of self-powered asset trackers. Smarter, smaller, stronger, and water-resistant devices designed to protect powered and unpowered assets of all sizes. The company has amassed and aggregated data from tens of thousands of deployments and billions of device interactions. Combined with real-world client experiences, this powerful aggregated data results in continuous improvements and enhancements in asset tracking hardware and software.

Self-Powered Asset Portfolio

The self-powered 3.0 battery-powered device portfolio includes two durable, long-lasting asset-protecting hardware devices: SmartStop and 3000.

SmartStop 3.0 continuously collects data and is perfect to protect non-powered portable assets that require real-time monitoring intelligence. (Think portable generators.) When a Ryken-protected asset is in motion, SmartStop records every stop event, so you know the location of your valuable property instantly.

The 3000
3000 is our most popular self-powered tracker, predominantly for static assets. (Think heavy equipment, HVAC units or sheds.) 3000 reports location intelligence twice a day. Because it only checks in automatically twice a day, it has greater longevity than SmartStop.



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What's New with our 3rd Generation Self-Powered Hardware Portfolio?

  • 3.0 Smart Battery Technology & Power Management
  • Small, Profile Self-Powered Devices
  • IP67 Water & Dust Resistant
  • Easier Activation Process

Hardware Specs & Features

Ryken 3.0 is the ONLY self-powered asset tracking device with supercharged protection, intelligence, and reliability like no other.

Self-Powered Device Comparisons

FeaturesYour Advantage
ComparisonsSelf-Powered DevicesSmartStop and 3000 are self-powered, asset tracking units that eliminates the need for installation labor and costs.
ComparisonsGPS Location IntelligenceRyken uses advanced GPS technology and Google Maps to provide you with accurate location data.
ComparisonsMovement Notifications Ryken will alert you when there's any unexpected or unauthorized movement.
ComparisonsTamper AlertsRyken sends tamper warnings so you can take action fast.
ComparisonsCustom GeofencingUsers can create custom geofences and setup alerts if the asset enters or exits a specific area.
ComparisonsSupercharged Battery Pack Ryken is powered by the most advanced 3.0 battery technology to provide you with supercharged reliability and protection.
ComparisonsSmart Power Management Ryken includes enhanced 3.0 Power Management technology and smart power management tools that provide users with better communication with and control over devices.
ComparisonsStandby ModeStandby mode delivers location updates every 11 hours for the 3000. SmartStop provides real-time reporting of all stop events throughout the lifetime of the unit
ComparisonsRecovery Mode3000 reports all stop events and automatically changes to Stand by Mode (after 7 days).
ComparisonsTurbo TrackUsers can use Turbo Track during an asset recovery to gather location intelligence every 2-minutes while asset is in motion.
ComparisonsDevice Health Ryken includes device health indicators and detailed reports.
ComparisonsReporting SuiteRyken provides a full suite of standard reports including asset information, detailed history report, geofence activity, battery-life report and more.
ComparisonsRuggedized CasingRated IP67, Ryken devices are water and dust resistant.
ComparisonsEvents Guarantee ProgramRyken self-powered devices are backed by our events guarantee.
ComparisonsCore Exchange ProgramUsers can recycle product and receive a $15 credit.


Getting Started is Simple

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