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Keep track of all your powered and unpowered assets with Ryken, real-time visibility and location data on one app. The Ryken proprietary platform connects powered and self-powered GPS hardware to sophisticated, smart software to track, monitor, protect and recover any valuable asset in real-time. Unlike many other asset management solutions, Ryken products require NO contracts or monthly fees.

Ryken products provides clients with low-cost asset management solutions to protect expensive, hard-to-replace assets and rental equipment including vehicles, heavy or light equipment, trailers, tools, portable structures, and power sports equipment. If you value it, we track it.

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The Ryken software makes it easy to audit and track your assets as well as important asset details, such as asset location, user permissions and usage patterns. It also provides you with a modern risk mitigation toolkit to help protect your valuables.

  • View all assets on one screen
  • Access real-time location info for any or all assets
  • Setup boundary alerts for unauthorized asset movement
  • Initiate a kill switch if asset is stolen
  • Utilize recovery toolkit
  • Sends automated reports via email

About Our Software - Asset Management & Protection - Ryken GPS

Asset Tracking Devices - Ryken GPS


Ryken offers powered and self-powered GPS devices with customer-driven configurations.

  • Real-Time Asset Location Intelligence
  • Motion Notifications
  • Theft Deterrent and Recovery Features
  • Smart Power Management
  • Turbo Track Recovery Mode
  • 3.0 Smart Battery Pack
  • Backup Battery Included with our Powered Asset Trackers
  • 4G LTE Cat-M Technology – Fully 5G-network
  • Water and Dust Resistant

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