About Us

Ryken Asset Management provides a complete solution designed to address the specific asset protection needs for any business that has valuable assets should be protected, including all industrial and enterprise applications. Our proprietary platform connects powered and self-powered GPS hardware to sophisticated, smart software to track, monitor, and protect any valuable asset in real-time. Unlike many other asset management solutions, Ryken requires NO contracts or monthly fees.

Ryken technology is derived from its parent company, Procon Analytics. Its proven remote IoT smart services solutions are used across numerous industries, with more than 3.5 million connections serving clients across North America.

The powerful Ryken platform provides its clients with low-cost asset management solutions to protect expensive, hard-to-replace assets: vehicles, heavy or light equipment, trailers, tools, portable structures, and power sports equipment. If you value it, we track it.

Ryken’s individualized protection solutions have arrived when organized theft is at record highs, insurance rates are soaring, and replacing assets costs more and takes more time than ever. We understand business owners’ concern that their profits evaporate when valuable assets are stolen or lost. Our platform monitors asset locations and tracks them in real time when they’re on the move.

About Us - Ryken GPS

Meet The Ryken Team

David Meyer - President - Ryken GPS

David Meyer

David Hogan - Vice Presiden - Ryken GPS

David Hogan

VP, Sales
Michelle Jackson - VP, Sales - Ryken GPS

Michelle Jackson

National Sales Director
Michelle Goedken - Ryken GPS

Michelle Goedken

Director of Customer Accounts
Ron DuBord - Director, Field Engineering - Ryken GPS

Ron DuBord

Field Service Director
Corinna Tutor - Ryken GPS

Corinna Tutor

VP, Marketing
Brian Tate - Ryken GPS

Brian Tate

Director, Product Management