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Revo Asset Management Launches Innovative Android, iOS App; Enables On-The-Go Mobile Asset Tracking

The Revo mobile app makes it easier for businesses to keep track of their valuable assets in real-time. Our hardware and software tech experts have been so busy we had to lay in a bigger supply of Monster and Red Bull. Not only have they succeeded in improving the performance, durability, and longevity of our popular Revo Asset Management GPS asset trackers, they have released a mobile app that allows our clients to protect, monitor, and track their valuable assets from anywhere on any mobile device.
Revo’s wired and wireless asset tracking solutions now have ruggedized, dust and water resistant hardware and upgraded 3.0 Smart Battery Technology that has improved reliability and longevity.

Our new App, available on both Android and iOS platforms, gives business owners and managers anytime, anywhere asset intelligence. Users can instantly access and toggle between asset details and locations seamlessly. The app sends instant notifications when unauthorized movement within or outside a designated area is detected.

The mobile app provides asset management services including the ability to:
• Manage all vehicle-assets and equipment remotely
• Monitor powered and unpowered assets all in one place
• View real-time location intelligence
• See trip history
• Receive alerts when assets move in or outside of designated area
• Manage asset tracker inventory

Easily set up geo-fence boundaries give users the ability to quickly detect unauthorized asset movement. If theft occurs, the platform facilitates asset recovery, further enhancing asset security. Revo provides both wired and wireless asset trackers that meet any business needs to protect their high-valued, powered, and unpowered assets.

The mobile app will allow users and managers to make real-time decisions about asset deployment, and will make audits all the easier. All these enhancements result not only in making a business run more efficiently and effectively, but ultimately results in improved profitability.

Revo’s proven asset protection provides mobile asset intelligence and have the added value of no monthly fees and no contracts.

The Revo mobile app can be downloaded here:

App Store
Google Play

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