Generator Theft

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Shining Light on Generator Theft

Portable generators are essential in many industries. For example, agriculture relies on them heavily to keep day-to-day operations running smoothly. These include crop fields and livestock fields without access to primary power. Without generators, many farms could be down causing a potential food shortage in the country. Construction sites rely on them for providing electrical power for heavy equipment, hydraulics, or electronics that are in constant demand. They are worth thousands of dollars, designed to be mobile and easily moved, and lose little value when resold. That makes them highly sought by thieves. What’s the best way to protect against generator theft?

Integrate an asset management solution

There are easy-to-use, low-cost asset protection solutions available that can watch over your generator in real-time. The technology typically includes a geofence feature that allows you to set up a digital fence around your generator. The solution will notify you (via text, email, or both) of any unexpected movement or movement that occurs beyond preset perimeters. Watch out for platforms that offer low-cost devices with recurring monthly fees. Think of $129 printers that require $50 a month in ink.

Secure in an Enclosure

Out of sight, out of mind. Thieves won’t be enticed to steal a generator if they cannot see it. Use of a dedicated generator enclosure can prevent theft, but also protects it from the elements. They can be secured with construction-grade locks and alarms. It’s still wise to protect the generator with a wireless asset protector.

Protect Your Assets with Revo Asset Management

Revo Asset Management continually monitors your generators and notifies you when there’s movement or device tampering. Revo’s software:

  • Makes it easy to perform equipment audits and manage inventory
  • Monitors your generator day and night
  • Provides asset’s location in real time
  • Alerts you when generators enter or exits the custom boundaries you set up

It’s an affordable solution that can help prevent theft, loss, and damage. It’s also a reliable solution that uses the most advanced asset-tracking technology and is backed by a team of proven asset management veterans.

Protect your generators with Revo. Easy-to-use. NO monthly fees.

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