National Farmer’s Day

Ryken, (formerly Revo Asset Management)

It’s National Farmer’s Day!

This is a day everyone should celebrate since they literally keep American hearts beating.

We here at Revo Asset Management applaud the tireless efforts and hard work that goes into feeding and supplying our nation with food, fuel, and countless products that keep our nation moving.

Farmers face many challenges. Their livelihoods are dependent on the whims of Mother Nature, market conditions, international trade, and even politics. Yet, they plow, sow, raise, feed, and harvest every day and then plan for the next season.

Added to those challenges are the capital expenditures required to run today’s modern farming operation. Replacement and repair costs for combines, harvesters, ATV or UTV, spreaders, seeders, balers, and more are at all-time highs. Should the need arise to repair equipment, replacement parts may be in short supply. There are backlogs for orders of new equipment.

In the past five years, there has been a rise in theft incidents. There are obvious proactive steps farmers and ranchers take to keep their equipment safe from thieves and vandals. Keeping equipment in locked barns and sheds is a smart move, but not always practical. Providing lighting where possible helps to thwart would-be thieves, but farms are big and electric bills are costly. Running a farm requires a lot of expensive materials too, like seed, pesticides, fertilizers, and chemicals. Revo provides a low-cost, proactive solution to assist those in the ag industry in protecting their valuable equipment and materials. Our asset management platform consists of cutting-edge real-time tracking hardware that can withstand most of the harsh elements farm equipment is exposed to. Our software platform enables farmers to monitor their assets from a desktop interface and a recently introduced mobile app.

This allows the modern farmer the ability to know where the equipment is, if it is on the move or leaves a pre-set geofenced area. It provides a layer of protection that reports possible theft or vandalism in real-time. It also provides users with real-time data to know where the equipment is, should it become misplaced.

The backbone of the Revo wireless platform is its unrivaled battery performance. This longevity, combined with a one-time cost — no contracts, monthly user fees, or any recurring fees — make it a perfect low-cost asset protection and management solution. We also have wired solutions for heavy equipment like tractors and ATVs that require batteries to start them.

We salute today’s farmers, and will continue to work as tirelessly at innovating asset protection as they do at keeping our country fed and supplied!

Happy Farmers Day!

David Hogan - Revo Asset Management

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