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Maximize Efficiency, Secure Your Assets with Ryken Industrial Grade Asset Trackers!

The Ryken Asset Management platform has disrupted the asset tracking marketplace with a cutting-edge asset protect system that monitors, locates, and protects your valuable powered and unpowered assets with cutting-edge technology that has no long-term contract or recurring monthly fees. It’s a game changer for those in the construction, agricultural, power sports equipment, and really any enterprise that employs expensive, mission-critical equipment. Here’s how Ryken can asset you with:

  • Maintenance Optimization — Ryken’s powered and self-powered satellite trackers provide critical information on how, where, and under what conditions equipment is utilized. Ruggedized, industrial-grade hardware provides location data that assists with planning and prioritization of scheduled and emergent maintenance.
  • Theft and Loss Mitigation — Construction equipment theft is a costly issue, with annual losses exceeding $1 billion, due to inflated replacement costs and supply chain constraints that delay new equipment orders. Ryken’s satellite asset trackers help reduce this issue by deterring theft and providing instant alerts if the asset is moved without authorization. Additionally, trackers assist law enforcement in locating stolen equipment in real time, enabling managers to quickly identify and redeploy misplaced assets.
  • Safety Enhancements — Having real-time insight into the exact location and gleaning information about heavy-duty powered and unpowered equipment allows operators to respond immediately to safety concerns or accidents, enhancing overall safety on all job sites.
  • Cost Savings: Ryken’s policy of having no contract and no recurring fees makes it stand out from other competitors in the field. Its industrial grade powered and self-powered asset trackers have enabled construction companies with 100 powered yellow iron and non-powered assets to save up to $50,000-$60,000 or more over the three-year contracts usually seen in the industry. In addition, customers have also benefitted from improved efficiency, reduced theft and loss, and decreased downtime. As a result of this, Ryken has seen considerable savings for its construction company clients across North America.

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