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Ryken GPS New Brand Identity for Revo Asset Management

You may have seen that we’ve rebranded our GPS tracker product line to Ryken Asset Management. Much effort has been made to ensure you’ve noticed. Since it was introduced last year, (Revo Asset Management’s) accelerating growth drove the move to update the company name, logo, and platform enhancements.

Rebranding a nationally marketed product is a huge task. First off, there’s a new name that had to be chosen — Ryken. It wasn’t the first name suggested, and the process was complicated. The research was conducted, suggestions made, more suggestions, votes, overruling of votes, and after several weeks we felt Ryken was perfect.

Ryken is a name associated with high-spirited power. The name evokes thoughts of strength, is easily pronounced, and memorable. Next, we designed a logo, selected a color scheme, and created a website. Then came the legal work, preparation of internal and external communications, press releases, and product updates.

In short, rebranding a national product is hard work.

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Connecting the Ryken name with powerful asset protection and management is crucial to rebranding. Ryken GPS units are powerful tracking devices capable of withstanding a wide range of weather and temperature conditions. Connected with our Ryken Asset Management Platform, they provide excellent protection to any powered or non-powered asset. It protects farm, hospital, construction, and motorsports equipment and much more.

We’re unique in the marketplace because our competitors have a subscription-based business model with monthly fees or semi-annual or annual renewal fees. Our product set is very reliable, and we have confidence our clients will use it more often on more equipment. Ryken GPS requires no contract, monthly fees, or any other associated costs. Our team loves that since no competitor can offer what we can.

As we go forward, we will continue to expand our value proposition. We will share the company’s commitment to robust, intelligent, and reliable protection. Our platform, combined with our mobile application, is designed to protect our client’s assets and make their business smarter and more profitable.

If you value it, we protect it.

David Hogan - VP, Sales & Author - Ryken GPS

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