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Ryken Unveils Its Newest Satellite Asset Tracker – Ryken 5000

Ryken Asset Management, a forward-thinking company specializing in IoT asset tracking technology, has unveiled its latest product, the Ryken 5000 advanced self-powered satellite asset tracker. This innovative device is designed to locate, monitor and safeguard valuable equipment whether it is stationary or mobile. With its industry-leading battery life and advanced asset intelligence, the Ryken 5000 offers an unparalleled asset management solution.

Ryken, an innovative IoT company with decades of experience in the telematics industry, is the first to market this powerful asset-tracking platform that provides enhanced protection with no contracts or monthly fees.

The Ryken 5000 is a durable and robust asset-tracking device that has been specifically engineered to monitor and report up to 5,000 events related to an asset’s location and movement, whether it’s stationary or on the move or experiences an unexpected shift. These devices are slim and water-resistant to provide reliable performance and covert protection for onsite and remote property.

The 5000 integrates advanced technologies, including Ryken’s third-generation internal battery pack with a powerful and extended lifespan, along with ultra-power-saving smart management tools. In addition, it meets international IP67 standards for housing design for water and dust resistance. With a wide operating temperature range of -22°F to +140°F, the Ryken 5000 performs flawlessly even in extreme conditions. As a result, it is suitable for managing high-value unpowered assets, including containers, heavy machinery, agricultural applications, expensive electronic equipment, and a host of other assets.

“Our customers’ needs, and product demands were the driving force behind the design of Ryken 5000,” stated Brian Tate, Director of Product Management for Ryken GPS. “In response to their requests for efficient and reliable self-powered technology that would safeguard their assets without the burden of a long-term contract and recurring fees, we have developed an innovative solution that sets a new standard in asset tracking. The Ryken 5000 will undoubtedly transform the way our customers track and manage their remote assets, all while providing a cost-effective solution.”

The Ryken 5000 features include:
• Supercharged 3.0 Battery Pack
• Smart Power Management
• Self-powered, No Installation Required
• Turbo Track for Rapid Recovery
• Activate, Secure on Asset, Go
• Slim Yet Rugged, Automotive Grade Design, IP67 Water and Dust Resistance

The Ryken 5000 is ideal for asset tracking in the equipment rental and construction industries. Its reliable performance and covert protection of remote assets make it a great choice, backed by our events guarantee program.

About Ryken Asset Management
Ryken Asset Management (formerly branded as Revo Asset Management) is an innovative IoT company at the forefront of asset-management technology. Ryken leverages its decades-long experience in connected sensor technology development to offer a cutting-edge platform. Its powerful hardware and software platform provides clients with low-cost asset management solutions to protect expensive, hard-to-replace assets: vehicles, heavy or light equipment, trailers, tools, portable structures, and powersport equipment.

David Hogan - VP, Sales & Author - Ryken GPS

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