National Agriculture Day

Celebrating National Agriculture Day: A Tribute to Farmers Everywhere

Today is National Agriculture Day, and all Ryken Asset Management team members want to take a moment to recognize the impact that agriculture has had on our society. From the food we eat, to the clothes we wear, to the medicines that keep us healthy, agriculture has been a key part of our lives since the dawn of civilization.

In the United States, agricultural theft is a major problem, costing an estimated $3 billion each year. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, there were 13,000 cases of agricultural theft in 2017 with an average incident value of $15,000. In 2019, the National Agricultural Statistics Service reported 5,931 cases of theft of crops, livestock, and farm equipment with an estimated total of $88.6 million, which compounds these losses. It is likely that the true number of cases is much higher, as many go unreported.

Ryken offers advanced asset management technology to assist farmers in monitoring and safeguarding their powered and non-powered machinery. Our Ryken Satellite Asset Tracking system provides farmers with real-time insight into the whereabouts of their equipment, alerts them when equipment is in motion when it shouldn’t be, and offers asset retrieval assistance in the event of theft. Ryken provides powerful insights with no contracts, no monthly fees.

Finally, we say “Thank you!” to all the farmers, ranchers, and agricultural workers out there for their hard work and dedication. Their efforts keep billions of people around the world healthy and safe, and we are grateful for their contributions.

Happy National Agriculture Day!

David Hogan - VP, Sales & Author - Ryken GPS

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