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Ryken GPS is an advanced enterprise asset-protection solution that utilizes a proprietary platform to connect powered and self-powered GPS hardware to intelligent software. This enables real-time tracking, monitoring, protection, and recovery of any valuable asset with utmost precision. Unlike many other asset management solutions, Ryken’s exceptional services require NO contracts or monthly fees, making it a cost-effective solution for businesses of any size. Trust Ryken GPS to safeguard your valuable assets and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your assets are protected by state-of-the-art technology.

The Ryken platform is a potent solution that offers cost-effective asset management services to protect your expensive and hard-to-replace assets, including vehicles, heavy or light equipment, trailers, tools, portable structures, and power sports equipment. At Ryken, we are committed to tracking all the assets that you value to ensure their safety and security.

Our relentless focus on client needs has driven us to eliminate outdated technology, providing many firsts in technology that is designed to enhance operations, reduce costs, and help businesses keep more revenue in their pockets. With Ryken, you can trust that your assets are protected by cutting-edge technology, and our solutions are tailored to meet the specific needs of your business. Choose Ryken for reliable and cost-effective asset management services that will help your business thrive.

  • Real-Time Location Intelligence
  • Asset-Tracking Reports
  • Anti-Theft and Recovery Features
  • Powered & Self-Powered Asset Trackers
  • Bulk & Volume Discounts Available

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Real-Time Monitoring

The robust mobile application and user interface monitors any asset with enhanced real-time location and a suite of features designed to make customers’ businesses “smarter” and, importantly, more profitable.

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Asset Protection

Our robust line of self-powered asset trackers, have been a mainstay of our business model for many years. These devices provide real-time, all-the-time location intelligence.

Theft Deterrent & Recovery

Our portable self-powered trackers are designed to protect unpowered assets. The sensors provide data intelligence to help manage and secure assets onsite or remotely.

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