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Are you a landscaping company looking to safeguard your valuable and irreplaceable equipment? Do you find it difficult to manage equipment and teams around various sites? Your search ends here! Ryken GPS is your trusted partner in GPS asset protection and management, providing cutting-edge solutions to elevate your landscaping operations to new heights – No Contracts, No Monthly Fees!

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Real-Time Location

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Monitor All Equipment – One App

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Recovery Toolkit

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No Contracts

No Monthly Fees - Ryken GPS

No Monthly Fees, No Renewals Fees

Discover the seamless convenience and powerful functionality of Ryken GPS. Our self-powered and powered asset trackers are effortlessly installed, and our user-friendly app provides comprehensive visibility of your landscaping equipment, whether it’s located on-site or at remote job sites. Landscaping companies can now effortlessly monitor their equipment and assets in real-time, granting them absolute control and peace of mind. Choose Ryken GPS with confidence to safeguard your precious lawn care equipment, optimize your operations, and unlock significant cost-saving benefits.

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Real-Time Monitoring

The robust mobile application and user interface monitors any asset with enhanced real-time location and a suite of features designed to make customers’ businesses “smarter” and, importantly, more profitable.

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Asset Protection

Our robust line of self-powered asset trackers, have been a mainstay of our business model for many years. These devices provide real-time, all-the-time location intelligence.

Theft Deterrent & Recovery

Our portable self-powered trackers are designed to protect unpowered assets. The sensors provide data intelligence to help manage and secure assets onsite or remotely.

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