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AGC Tennessee – Ryken GPS is an all-inclusive, asset-protection solution that combines smart, powered and self-powered asset-tracking hardware with sophisticated, mobile software to monitor, track, and protect any valuable asset. Construction professionals understand profits evaporate when valuable assets are stolen or lost. Our platform monitors asset location and tracks them when they’re on the move. Real-time geo-fence notifications alert owners to unauthorized movements. Valuable equipment has become increasingly expensive and time-consuming to replace. AGC Tennessee members enjoy peace-of-mind from our asset-protection platform that has NO contracts and NO monthly fees.

Ryken is an innovative IoT company at the forefront of asset-management technology. The firm leverages extensive, decades-long experience in connected sensor technology. Its powerful solution that provides its clients with low-cost, asset management solutions to protect expensive, hard-to-replace assets. If you value it, we track it.

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